No-Shift-Lag is available at pharmacies and other outlets in a number of countries. However, for those who do not have a convenient retail source, buying by mail order is easy. Cash, cheques, money orders, and Amex, Diners, Mastercard, Visa credit cards are accepted. Mail, e-mail, telephone and fax contacts for ordering are listed by country below.

Each packet of No-Shift-Lag contains 32 tablets - usually enough for 10 night shifts. The tablets are sealed in modern foil packaging and remain effective for several years.

United States

For Wholesale information contact:
Miers Distributors, LLC.
Western Chicago, IL 60185
Email USA Distributor


Due to Australian regulations No-Shift-Lag is called Shift Ease in Australia
Mail order from:
Worldtrade Pty Ltd
PO Box 613
Narrabeen - Sydney
New South Wales 2101
Mobile telephone 0419 230 161
Email: click here Price is A$10.00 (Australian dollars) per packet plus A$3.50 per order for post and packaging.

New Zealand

Click here for Retail outlets in New Zealand

Made by:
Miers Laboratories
PO Box 12-253
New Zealand 6038
Tel + 64 4 472-9070
Fax + 64 4 473-7891
Email: click here

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Made by Miers Laboratories, Wellington, New Zealand.
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