No-Shift-Lag is available in 32-tablet strip packet and is packed in premises inspected by a regulatory authority to ensure the premises meet the standard grade of hygiene, class one.

Each 340mg tablet contains five homeopathic remedies effective in countering the effects of shift lag. Each pack contains enough tablets for ten night shifts.


Shift lag is a complex condition which occurs when working night shifts. The main cause is being awake, active and working when you would normally be asleep. This causes circadian dysrhythmia - or disruption to your awake/sleep cycle.


One tablet of No-Shift-Lag should be taken at the start of each night shift, another half way through the night shift, and another after the end of the night shift. However, variation of these directions is acceptable and may be found preferable.

Warnings and precautions

No-Shift-Lag can be used by workers of all ages. If a user already suffers from a major medical problem, normal caution should be exercised when working night shifts. If after working night shifts the symptoms of shift lag continue, professional help should be sought. No-Shift-Lag does not counter the effects of existing medical disorders when working night shifts, or the effects of alcohol or general exhaustion.

Working night shifts while Pregnant

If possible working night shifts while pregnant should be avoided. Pregnancy creates extra stresses on the body and working night shifts causes more stresses and this may be too much for the person working night shifts causing new medical problems for both mother and baby. Recent shift work research is suggesting that working night shifts can cause major medical problems. But for those who remain healthly and want to continue working night shifts while pregnant they can use No-Shift-Lag. Because of the very small concentration of active ingredients in No-Shift-Lag it is safe to use while working night shifts.


No-Shift-Lag may be taken with any other medication. Like other homeopathic remedies, No-Shift-Lag is most effective when taken separately from food and drink, but has been specially formulated so that it may if necessary be taken in association with food and/or drink, i.e. coffee.

Adverse effects

With the minute doses involved there is little possibility of adverse effects. There has never been any recorded adverse effect from homeopathic remedies above 12C. All remedies used in No-Shift-Lag are 30C, well above the 12C limit.


Should a client take more No-Shift-Lag than recommended, no harmful side effects should be expected, owing to the minute dilutions of active ingredients employed in homeopathic preparations.

X-Rays, coffee and homeopathic products

Some poorly manufactured homeopathic products are harmed by exposure to x-rays or coffee. No-Shift-Lag does not fit into this category. It has been robustly manufactured to ensure that it is effective when exposed to either x-rays or coffee.

This was proven during the scientific trial which showed No-Shift-Lag effective in combating shift lag. The trialists drank coffee while working during the shift lag trial.

Active Ingredients

The five homeopathic remedies listed below are the active ingredients in No-Shift-Lag.

Arnica, extracted from Arnica Montana (leopard's bane).
In No-Shift-Lag Arnica is used to alleviate injuries, strains, tension,
over-exertion, mental strain and shock, sleeplessness and restlessness when over-tired.

Proper Name: Arnica Montana (Asteraceae/Compositae)
Common Names: Leopard's bane, Wolf's Bane, Mountain tobacco and Sneezewort.
Source: Grows in the mountains of Europe and Siberia.
Parts used: Whole plant when in flower.

Bellis Perennis, extracted from the common daisy. Used to alleviate muscular soreness, venous congestion due to mechanical causes (eg sitting without frequent exercise), waking mid-sleep.

Ipecacuanha, extracted from the root of ipecac (a South American shrub).
Used to reduce irritability and irrational behaviour.

Phytolacca Decandra, extracted from poke root. To alleviate restlessness, soreness, indifference, prostration, gritty and sore eyes, any condition worse in the morning, and by disposition those worse at night time.

Zincum Metallicum, extracted from zinc metal. To alleviate cerebral depression or "brain fatigue", worn out nervous system, reduced vitality, adversity to work, and lethargy.

Inactive Ingredients

The three substances listed below are the inactive ingredients in No-Shift-Lag.

Sorbitol, is a tabletting agent. GRAS, generally recognised as safe. Used in every day items like biscuits and jams and especially diabetic jams. Tastes like sugar.

Magnesium sterate - E470b - is a separating agent. GRAS, generally recognised as safe. Used frequently in tablets. No distinctive taste.
Sourced from vegetable source, not made from animal by-products

Sterilized talc - E553b - is a lubricating agent. GRAS, generally recognised as safe. Used frequently in tablets. No distinctive taste.

No-Shift-Lag does not contain any of the following substances

- Yeasts
- Sucrose
- Starch
- Lactose
- Salt
- Wheat
- Gluten
- Artificial colourings
- Artificial flavourings
- Preservatives
- Dairy Products
- Animal products
- Any ingredient known to cause allergies
- Melatonin or any other hormone

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